First time campers will probably get confused when they hear about swags and tents. If you are unsure about what camping swags are, it’s okay, you’re not alone. Many newbies aren’t aware that swag actually exists outside the context of swagger and swag bags. To help clear the air and for new campers to learn without getting confused, here’s a list of differences between tents and swags:

Tents Are Generally Larger

Swags and tents more or less have the same function. They are both used as a portable sleeping unit by people spending time outdoors. The main difference between a swags and tents is their accommodation capacity. A swag is built for either one or two people at maximum, in fact two people sharing a swag will feel snug and cramped. Tents on the other hand can accommodate more than 10 people without feeling like a can of sardines.

Swags Are Easier To Pack And Set Up

Ever struggled with the different pegs and rods while setting up a tent? It is a hassle to put up a tent in the middle of nowhere, especially when you’re already tired from traveling. The packing of the tent and the unpacking is already a lot of work. Camping swags on the other hand are smaller, they fit easily inside a backpack and require little to no effort in setting up.

Campers with swags are often already relaxing inside their swag while their friends are still struggling to set up their tents. It is clearly a big advantage when you’re a solo camper or sharing the swag with a loved one.

Swags Are Warmer And More Comfortable

One of the biggest advantages of using a swag when camping is the warmth and comfort it offers. Usually there is no need to bring a sleeping bag or a comforter to make the swag feel warmer and softer. The sleeping unit itself is more than enough to give campers a good night’s rest. Bringing a tent usually also means bringing other bulky items like a sleeping bag or the very least a blanket.

That’s an extra step you can avoid when you decide to bring a camping swag instead of a tent during your next camping trip.

Swags Take Up Less Space

Finding a good spot on a crowded camping site can be a stressful ordeal. A camping trip is supposed to be relaxing, not a struggle to find a spot for the tent. Thankfully the swag occupies very little space and is very versatile. Some campers even choose to set up their swag on their truck bed to stay away from crowds and keep themselves elevated through the night.

Opting for a camping swag instead of the traditional tent is one of the best choices campers can make. It is very practical while also very reliable. Swags are actually very durable and can last years even after a lot of wearing and tearing. Constantly tossing it inside the truck bed won’t even cause a dent! You’ll find yourself using your swag longer than any tent in the market.

Don’t know the difference between camping swags and tents? Let our experts tell you the difference and let us show you why swags are very practical.